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Academic Reflective Essay

The academic reflective essay is usually given to students to gauge how students assess a particular lesson, situation, or activity and determine what they have taken away from the said activities. Reflective writing teaches students on how to pay attention to details as well as reflect on how they reacted to the situation and what they got from it. It is a form of learning experience for many but for others, having to write a reflective essay is another matter.

If you are having a hard time writing your paper, looking for a reflective analysis essay example is worth considering just so you can get an idea on how it should be done. And if you feel that having someone write it for you is better, we are here to give you a hand.

Tips on How to Write Your Academic Reflective Essay

  • Choose your topic. If you are given free rein on what topic to write about, you should look for one that you are familiar with and one that you have the most experience with.
  • Reflect. Once you’ve decided on a topic, reflect on how the subject you chose affected you in any way. It may be that you are agreeing with an argument or disagreeing. Jot down your ideas on a piece of paper.
  • Select your best ideas. Take a look at what you’ve written during your reflection and choose the three best ideas and incorporate them into your essay.
  • Look at samples. It wouldn’t hurt to see how others are writing their reflective essay. You can even get ideas from them that you can apply to your own essay.
  • Follow a format. Keep in mind that essay writing usually follows a format or structure. Make sure that you know what format to use in your reflection writing.

Sample Reflective Paper by Our Experts

Before you ask, “Who can write my essay?”, why not look for samples first? Our writers have come up with some pretty good samples that you can use in your own reflective essay writing. Here is an excerpt of an essay.

“The Internet these days play a huge role in people’s relationships, careers, and other aspects of their lives. Ever since it came into being during the 90’s, the internet has become the center of the web that connects people to the rest of the world through their computers. Gradually, internet services have broadened allowing people to make new connections through social media sites like Facebook where you can add friends on a whim. For me, this practice is acceptable provided that you really know who that person is and not some random stranger you see online. Adding someone for the sake of expanding your friends list is not really a good idea as you are making yourself vulnerable to anyone who has access to your page. I fear that this practice of adding people whom you’ve never met can actually create a negative feeling especially when you’re considering deleting them.”

Professional Essay Writers

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