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University Reflective Essay

One of the biggest challenges in writing a university reflective essay is to get your point across to your readers. For many students, this is quite tough especially when they are not really sure on what to write in their paper. Reflective writing is basically writing down your thoughts on a particular situation or experience. This practice helps in honing your critical thinking and writing skills as you will need to develop a paper that more or less expresses your perspective on a specific topic or issue.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a way with words with them ending up handing in a paper that isn’t well thought out. The best way to avoid the same scenario is for you to look for samples and we have some of the best on hand. You can also ask for professional reflective essay help if you feel you need it.

Tips on How to Develop Your University Reflective Essay

  • Think of a topic. Choosing a topic means considering carefully what you have done and learned about the experience. Ask yourself questions such as how did you feel about it, did it affect your life, and so on.
  • Layout. Once you’ve determined a topic, it is time to create a layout of your ideas. Choose your main arguments as well as ideas that will support your main idea.
  • Write a strong intro. The introduction in your essay is a way to reel in your readers which means you need to come up with a good intro for your essay.
  • Write your supporting statements. It is important that you back your main argument up with supporting ideas. This is necessary in reflection writing for your readers to understand your point of view.
  • Summarize. The first part of your conclusion should be the summary of your paper. End your paper with a rhetorical question that will prompt the reader what they will do if they were in the same position as you.

Our College Reflective Essay Examples

Our custom essay writing service not only offers essay editing services but we can also provide you with some samples as well just like the one below:

“I consider myself as a critical thinker as I often analyze everything that I read be it a newspaper clipping, magazine, or book. Even movies cannot escape my constantly working mind. And I thought I knew it all. While studying as an English Major, I learned that there is more to critical thinking than asking why. I learned that in order for me to penetrate deeply, I had to break apart everything that was presented to me and analyze it thoroughly. As I delved deeper into the world of literature, I was able to distinguish different voices and writing styles that enabled me to understand the novels I read better.”

Write My Essay Please

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